You Can Solve the Cube!

Accelerate your nerd cred and impress your friends.

We believe learning and keeping your brain sharp can be fun! There isn't a better or more fun way to improve your problem solving, memory, patience, focus, persistence, dexterity, spatial awareness, coordination and nerd-cred than learning to solve a smooth, fast speed cube. Anyone can solve it, especially you!

Use the steps below to figure out how to solve your first cube, then teach your kids and everyone else you know!

1. Buy a less
frustrating cube.

2. Study a video or book.

3. Get extra help.

1. Most people own a slow, expensive, and hard to turn Rubik's brand cube. We recommend one of these cubes instead.

Awesome 3x3x3 Speed Cube

Awesome 3x3x3

$15.00 CAD
Free pickup in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!

Total cost for cube and shipping:
Premium Magnetic 3x3x3 Speed Cube

Premium Magnetic 3x3x3

$55.00 CAD
Free pickup in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!

Total cost for cube and shipping:

2. There are some amazing resources available to help you learn to cube.

Beginner's method in 10 minutes:

A more detailed beginner's method video:

An easy to understand, old-school book that teaches a layer-by-layer beginner's method:

Search the internet for more resources if you need them, study hard, then move on to step three to work out the bugs!

3. Work out the bugs with private lessons!

Trevor: Cube Educator Extraordinaire

About your teacher
Trevor is a certified nerd: he has a masters degree in Rocket Science, knows pi to over 50 digits, and works on spreadsheets in his free time. He has known how to solve a Rubik's cube since a child and has taught exciting educational programs to all ages at the TELUS World of Science Edmonton for many years.

Private Lessons

From $60.00 CAD for 30 minutes!


After making your purchase, we will contact you to schedule your lesson. Trevor is typically available to meet on the south side.

Our lessons will help you improve your:

  • Problem solving,
  • Memory,
  • Patience,
  • Focus and concentration,
  • Persistence,
  • Hand-eye coordination,
  • Pattern recognition,
  • Finger dexterity and agility,
  • Spatial awareness,
  • Confidence, and
  • Nerd cred: impress your friends!